It has been suggested that all young adults should be required to undertake a period of unpaid work helping people in the community. Would the drawbacks of such a requirement be greater than the benefits to the community and the individual young adults? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.



题目的类型属于一种观点里的利弊判断。话题类别属于社会与教育。这个问题中提到了两方面,既有young people 也有community,因此,在主体段中最好两方面都要有提及。





It is a controversial educational idea among adults whether youngsters ought to participate in volunteer work. There are obviously positive and negative aspects. However, I personally believe that the benefits would overwhelm the drawbacks for both youths and societies.

To begin with, for students’ profits, it would be precious opportunities to expand their horizon, which they cannot obtain from academic studies, since they could face reality and learn how society works. It is pretty standard that teenagers struggle to decide their career when they reach their turning point, such as entering universities or companies, because they do not have enough knowledge of the world. For example, even if they learn about environmental issues on desks, people who engage in a tree-planting charity are more likely to understand the value of nature.

In terms of communities’ perspective, adolescents must be massive help. Firstly, students tend to have physical strength, flexible idea and ample free time compared to adults. Therefore, their assistance would broaden the possibility of community work. Secondly, it would build social circles, including the various generations, and it means the societies would become more robust. Finally, to continue the social community, the younger generation would eventually take over the running system one day. Hence, it would be steady if there are chances for youngsters to join charity works, even though it was compulsory.

In conclusion, it is undeniable that various experiences help children build their own uniqueness and abilities to understand others. I am sure that there are uncountable benefits through voluntary activities instead of money since they are the next generation who will be responsible for creating our ideal societies.